Most people have mixed feelings when they hear the word insurance. Some would say it’s an overly complicated world of premiums and policies, but we want to simplify that. We want to make insurance accessible and easy so everyone can understand its terms and conditions and be protected.

Laka is the only crowd powered bicycle insurance operator in the UK and now offers you Free Third-Party Liability Insurance, but what does that mean if you’re not a Laka customer yet? It means you can get Free Third-Party Liability Insurance even though you might currently have a policy with another insurer.

Our news:

• Laka launches Laka Club, a membership for cyclists to get access to the best perks in cycling.

• Our first perk is a new generation of Third-Party Liability Insurance for cyclists which overcomes the coverage gaps of traditional offerings and is provided for free (or for £10 per annum if you don’t want to receive emails from us).

• UK Cyclists can join the waiting list from today (21 November 2018) and the cover can be activated on Black Friday, 23 November 2018.

Photo: Simon Connellan

Why we thought about innovating our products by offering something no other company is offering at the moment?

The Laka Club extends Laka’s core insurance giving members access to more perks beyond insurance for their bicycle. The first perk is third-party liability insurance underwritten by MGAM/ Builders Direct S.A. The cover includes £2m of global coverage during regular commutes, ride outs and club rides, commercial use, and races. More perks from major brands will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

"We constantly aim to push boundaries and when we identified third-party liability as a gap we didn't hesitate to close it. This coincides with the launch of Laka Club, through which we will offer perks to the cycling community beyond insurance cover, Laka cycles the extra mile", Tobias Taupitz, co-founder of Laka.

Who is eligible to get Free third-party liability insurance with Laka?

Any cyclist located in the UK. If you currently have your bicycle covered with another insurer you can still sign up for free third-party liability with Laka.

What are the policy terms?

• The Laka Cyclist’s Personal Liability Policy will provide you with cover for a year up to £2m for;

• Any amount you are liable to pay including legal cost if you injure someone or damage their property whilst using your bike.

• International trips up to 60 days per trip.

• Use of your bike for regular commutes, ride-outs and group rides, commercial use, and races.


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