It's the roughest feeling that we all know too well. You're out in the local woods and you're feeling faster than you've ever felt! Powering over climbs and whipping around trees, until, you snag your favourite jersey on a sharp branch...

It's still wearable but it's just not the same.

Well now you can cover clothing with Laka! As well as being able to:

  • Insure more (expensive) bikes
  • Have more freedom when insuring accessories

We're always trying to improve our product and serve more of the cycling community, so we are super excited to be offering these changes to our customers!

Let's go through some of the changes in detail:

Insure More Expensive Bikes

We have bumped the maximum single bike value to £15,000 and in total you can now insure up to £30,000 of bikes with Laka! Whilst many of you have been able to fit your bikes within our existing limits, some of you needed a bit more headroom.

So if you're building out your classic Colnago collection or you have a serious N+1 dilemma then you can now have all your bikes on the platform.

Higher Limits for Accessories

We've updated and simplified the list of accessories, whilst having increased the maximum limit to £2,000 (including clothing). This may sound like a lot, however with the latest GoPro, Wahoo, Garmin, it's easy to see how our old limit of £750 was simply not enough!

Cover Your Kit

In the past, you were able to insure shoes, helmets and your wetsuit. These will remain under accessories but you will now also be able to cover your skin suit, jacket, bibs and jerseys (or any other garments you wear whilst riding). You won’t have to specify each item of clothing but just tell us how much you would like to be insured for. We will honour this value to replace damaged kit on a per claim basis.

Now the Laka Community can ride in the latest kit, carefree. With the latest rain jacket covered, all you have to focus on is getting the miles in!

We're constantly trying to improve our product so that we can benefit more of our community. So please let us know what else you'd like to see from us in our Facebook Group!

Whilst you are here...

... did you know that Laka's Recovery Pack is available to the Laka Community should you be put off the bike due to a crash or injury? It can be tough getting back to fitness, so thanks to goodies from Zwift, Wahoo, Tribe Nutrition and Brewdog we'll help you get on the bike again in no time! Find out more here - we've got your back! Laka